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2018 NBCOT Board of Directors Nominees

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor, OTD, OTR/L

Steven is an OTR from Illinois who is an Assistant Professor in the OT department at Rush University Medical Center. He has been certified for 10 years and received both his MSOT and OTD from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Steven believes the mission of NBCOT "identifies the critical means by which NBCOT serves the profession of occupational therapy, and the recipients of our care...[which] entails using an empirical approach to quantify the evolving nature of knowledge required to be an entry-level clinician, while further recognizing continuing education is a lifelong endeavor that should be sustained by practitioners." Steven recognizes the importance of certificants maintaining the OTR or COTA credential because it states their "commitment to assuring their quality and competency within our professional community, as well as to all stakeholders at large." He would like to join the board as he is "continually impressed with NBCOT's commitment to quality, diversity, and innovation," which mirrors his own values. Steven wishes to "further contribute to the impact of services imparted by NBCOT on the profession of occupational therapy."

Rafael Salazar II

Rafael Salazar II, OTR/L

Rafael is an OTR from Georgia who currently practices in both an outpatient clinic and as a consultant for transitioning individuals from state institutions to residing in the local community. He has been certified for six years and received his master's degree from Georgia Health Sciences University. Rafael believes in the importance of the OTR and COTA credentials because "by striving to meet and exceed the requirements to maintain OTR/COTA credentials, individuals build their clinical skills, enhance their clinical reasoning, and build upon their human capital to make themselves more clinically effective therapists and more valuable employees, managers, or executives." He states, "NBCOT's resources, tools, and standards provide certificants with tremendous tangible value...organizations like NBCOT do more to safeguard the public and ensure competence in practice." Rafael wishes to join the board because he "believes that we are called to live a life of meaning and leave whatever we come in contact with better than when we found it...that means doing everything I can to leave my profession, occupational therapy, better for having been part of it."

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